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Indexed Universal Life Insurance

The Swiss Army Knife of Retirement Funding

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Indexed universal life insurance throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Florida and in Portland, OR, Eugene, OR, Castle Rock, WA, Longview, WA, Wenatchee, WA, Spokane, WA, Olympia, WA, and Yakima, WA.

You can’t put a dollar amount on your family, but you can ensure their future is protected. We can’t predict when the unexpected will happen, but we can help you prepare for it when it does.

IUL’s have become a very popular retirement vehicle. Sometimes referred as a “Rich Man’s Roth IRA”, IUL’s can provide very good interest returns for retirement savers especially considering they are guaranteed safe from stock market losses. In this section we want to show you where IUL’s shine and cover the amazing “extra” benefits that aren’t typical in IRA’s or other typical retirement vehicles.

IUL Can Act as an Emergency Fund for Retirement Savers

The fact that you can’t access any of your IRA retirement funds until 59 and a half years of age can really burn in an emergency. Before the age of 59.5 the IRS will tax you AND penalize you 10% for early withdrawal. With IUL this is not the case! IUL offers tax free and IRS penalty free access to your funds at any age!

IUL Provides Tax Free Death Benefits

One of the biggest advantages to IUL is the protection for your family in the case of an early death. That’s right Your retirement is protected in the form of a very nice death benefit. This is great for two reasons. If you pass away you can no longer save for retirement putting your suppose at a loss. With IUL your spouse receives a paid up tax free “retirement account”. That’s right, your spouse is guaranteed a retirement even if you pass away early! Also, Since IUL has a death benefit you might not need any other life insurance policies. You may be able to replace your current coverage with your retirement savings dollars.

Health Crisis

One of the greatest fears people have is coming down with a catastrophic illness. Financially, this can destroy your hopes of a wonderful retirement. Even with good health insurance getting sick can be extremely expensive. The right IUL can provide access to your death benefit while your still alive! Think about how much help receiving $50,000 from your death benefits could be if you were diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or a stroke.

A quick recap, with IUL your retirement funds are guaranteed safe from market downturns and they can grow tax free. IUL allows for early access of your death benefits for critical illness. IUL allows for IRS penalty and tax free access to your funds before 59.5. On top of all that they offer a tax free death benefit far above and beyond what you have invested in case of an unexpected and early death.

Learn how Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) can help you.

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